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Katmai Coast Photo Adventure


Dates: 7 day trips in July & September 2007


The coast of Katmai National Park is arguably the best place in North America to photograph brown bears. Only here both dramatic scenery and an abundance of bears can be observed and captured on film. Access is by float plane or boat only. On this trip we stay on a 72 ft boat. We move from bay to bay to visit different river systems in order to photograph the bears in a variety of settings.

Schedule: We will fly out to the boat approximately at noon on the first day weather permitting and return to Kodiak in the afternoon of day 7. Estimated pick up time at the boat is 2 PM. Total trip costs are $ 4500.00. This includes air fare from Kodiak to the boat and return, all meals and drinks on the boat, and boat accommodations. It does not include hotel accommodations in Kodiak, which are around $70/night (depends on where you stay, can be as much as $150/night), meals in Kodiak and flight to and from your home town to Kodiak. It is advisable to allow for a buffer day at either end of the trip. Kodiak is located in the gulf of Alaska after all.

Maximum group size is six.


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